Maximize your online course success with this comprehensive launch blueprint


Online Digital Marketing Academy

With Amy-Lee Farr

Maximise your online course success with this comprehensive launch blueprint.

The proven Online Digital Marketing Academy comprehensive program is an empowering online marketing course; launching new leaders in their niche industry. This comprehensive blueprint shows you how to find what absolutely inspires you to teach, how to create and launch your course and market your new course to reach possibly hundreds even thousands of customers.


Before we dive into what this blueprint is about, let's chat about who this is specifically for...

The Online Digital Marketing Academy is designed for dreamers like you looking to develop their digital marketing skills. You are ambitious and understand that selling your time for money is no longer your deal. You are ready and willing to create a business model that allows you to help transform people's lives, create financial freedom and work from wherever your laptop is, whenever and however it suits your lifestyle.

Whether you are...

  • A beginner in entrepreneurship looking to learn the basics. You know there is a better way and you want to build an online business by working smarter, not harder. (avoiding the time = money trap of charging hourly rates & glued to your home office)
  • A single parent (with an entrepreneurial heart and desire to enjoy life with your kids over selling your time for money) tired of the 9-5 grind and inflexible hours, knowing full well you are capable of so much more.
  • An experienced marketer and entrepreneur who is looking to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and learn some new tricks, or has never been able to quite get your ideas off the ground.

Then you're in the right place!

The Online Digital Marketing Academy is a comprehensive training program, that provides a step-by-step approach to help you master each topic. Giving you the tools both physically and mentally, inspiration and exceptional support through your pathway to creating and launching an online business.

And I will prove it! (keep scrolling my new friend)


By The End of This Blueprint, you will have...

Transform Your Knowledge into Profit; Find your True Niche, online digital marketing academy

Transform Your Knowledge into Profit; Find Your True Niche

You'll discover, what factors to consider when choosing a niche plus How to ensure the niche you’ve picked is a profitable area to work in. How to monetize in any given niche plus I'll show you How to create entirely new niches of your own while ensuring a steady stream of new content for your chosen subject. Step-by-step for anyone to follow with screenshots and images. Your customers will love it! + much, much more!

Discover the Secret to Branding Like A Boss, Online Digital Marketing Academy, heaps good marketing, HGM, Branding

Discover the Secret to Branding Like A Boss

If you're not very design savvy or have no idea where to start when choosing your brand colours, fonts and other elements for your business then I will show you how to create the perfect brand style guide. Having a Brand Style Guide is such a valuable tool to have and know how to create. Plus it saves you loads of time and effort so you never get stuck picking colours, fonts and elements for each new graphic.

Design A Growth Driven Website to Maximize Profits, Online Digital Marketing Academy, HEAPS GOOD MARKETING

Design A Growth Driven Website to Maximize Profits

Now that we have a deeper understanding of just how powerful the internet is in terms of reaching people from around the world, it’s simply not enough to throw up a simple website and leave it there. Consider your business domain name prime real estate. Do you want to keep the lot empty and ignore the vast resources it can offer or do you want to develop that piece of internet real estate and reap any profits it can deliver?

Transform Your Knowledge into Profit + Live Life on Your Terms, Online Digital Marketing Academy, HEAPS GOOD MARKETING

Transform Your Knowledge into Profit + Live Life on Your Terms

I’m going to walk you in detail through how to create a quality business model that works. From locking in a launch schedule, and pricing, pre-selling your product to launching to earn 6 figures the first time around. This module will teach you how to craft a transformative online digital business so it’s highly desirable, highly memorable and highly likely to gain you repeat clients, referrals & more business over the long term.

Develop the Mindset + Time Management of an Entrepreneur, Online Digital Marketing Academy

Develop the Mindset + Time Management of an Entrepreneur

I'll show you how to throw away those thoughts of unworthiness or imposter syndrome and do it anyway! Get a better understanding of the importance of time management. Find out how to prioritise your daily tasks and projects using the Eisenhower Matrix. Discover why having a routine can help you manage your time better and accomplish more. Learn about outsourcing and delegating tasks so you can focus on the more critical aspects of your business.

Use the Latest Digital Marketing Strategies for a 6-figure Launch, Online Digital Marketing Academy

Use the Latest Digital Marketing Strategies for a 6-figure Launch

Vision Vs Execution. Vision is great. In fact, it is the starting point for all big things to come. But vision means very little unless executed. That's when digital marketing takes the wheel. You will learn how to put this all together and package it up for market-ing! You'll have the power and tools in your hands to possibly go viral in your niche using the latest social media, email, SEO and content marketing strategies for this year and beyond. Using our easy step-by-step formula.

However, Above it all...

The Online Digital Marketing Academy has something for everyone. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in today's digital landscape.

Finally, stop trading your precious time for money!

Start to generate a scalable, profitable online business to give yourself the freedom to choose the how, the when, the where and with whom you work plus how to stay above the crowd using the most up-to-date digital marketing techniques.

So How Does ODMA Compare?

If you are anything like me you only want to do this once and right the first time, right?... So don't settle for anything less!

  • 2 x Decades of Business, Marketing, Sales, Graphic and Web Design Experience
  • Lifetime access to ALL future updates of our core program
  • Bite-Sized learning modules that are easy to consume and execute
  • Live Training and Evergreen content creation Sessions
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Master Library Vault Access to all the resources you need including templates, captions, calendars and more

Before working with Amy, I was frustrated that after a year of co-producing the Women Unleashed podcast, there wasn't an income stream generated and how to create one did not seem obvious to me. I also have many other priorities and didn't want to spend weeks researching and trialling marketing strategies.

Since working with Amy I was able to generate engaging content not only for my podcast but for my other businesses. We reached a record number of followers! Amy had us develop and relate to our target audience on a much deeper level than I have ever considered before.

I have confidence because I now know how to use a vast array of marketing tools and how to implement the strategies Amy taught. I also loved how passionate Amy is about teaching how you can organise your life to support your life and business goals.

I definitely needed this.

I will continue to work with Amy as our business requirements change. She is passionate about what she does and I loved working with her.

- Britt Furlanis


What you Will Get When You Enrol During This Limited Time Frame:

Maximize your online course success with this comprehensive launch program

7 Implementational Course Modules, Online Digital Marketing Academy

7 Implementational Course Modules

Showing you absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know to launch a highly successful and lucrative online business

Online Digital Marketing Academy, Expert training in social MEDIA marketing

Expert training in social media marketing

The most comprehensive and current social media, email, SEO, and sales marketing strategies for this year and beyond.

The Launch Magic Tool with macro Formula, Online Digital Marketing Academy

The Launch Magic Tool with macro Formula

Launch Magic is a tool that predicts the viability of your launch and tells you the tasks by calendar weekly + monthly that you need to do prior to the launch.

Online Digital Marketing Academy, The Complete Step-by-Step Roadmap To Launch

The Complete Step-by-Step Roadmap To Launch

The ultimate planning guides show you the roadmap for your niche idea and how to execute your business launch that fits your current lifestyle.

Why You Deserve To Be Here...

How big is the online market in Australia?

(According to Australia is the eleventh largest e-commerce market in the world, and revenue is predicted to reach USD25. 7 billion in 2020 and USD32. 3 billion by 2024.

That means creating an online income right now is a REALLY good idea!

This IS your year! This IS your time!

Your audience is searching for you and what solutions you have to their problems RIGHT NOW! There has never been a better time post Covid to launch an online product, course or business.

The Online Digital Marketing Academy was developed to help you resolve those fears and doubts that you aren't good enough or smart enough to have unbelievable success.

ODMA will guide you step by tiny step on how to bring your business, product or course idea to vivid income-generating LIFE! The course is designed to crush self-doubt and open doors for you to have a well-deserved seat at the wildly successful entrepreneurs' table.

You'll no longer second guess yourself, or fall trap to selling your time for money and you will live life on your terms.

Create Your Dream Online Business and Start Living Life on Your Terms Now...

Let me tell you a secret (or maybe a well-known fact) Consistency beats talent every day of the week. Not ALL the most successful people in the world are the smartest, most talented people in their field. In fact, a lot had many miserable failures before their "overnight" success!

Maximize your online course success with this comprehensive launch blueprint

What set them apart was the inspiration and confidence to keep going and keep showing up. Their consistent dedication to their goals is what made 'overnight' success possible. And I am here to walk beside you and support you at every turn, roadblock and success milestone along the way. I personally guarantee the time we spend together will be absolutely Life transforming!

I can't wait to meet you inside The Online Digital Marketing Academy and share my secrets and be your cheerleader!

To Your Inevitable Success,

AMY-LEE FARR SIGNATURE, Online Digital Marketing Academy

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