How can living on your terms change your life?

Speaking for myself, it's having the freedom to work from anywhere, a 25-hour work week, have an almost 7-figure business, hundreds of students and never missing out on time with my kids or the people that mean the most to me.

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Saying Goodbye to the 70-Hour-a-Week Grind so genuinely, dramatically and gorgeously changed my entire world...

That I became obsessed with sharing what I've learned with everyone I know who has the entrepreneur itch. I became passionate to teach my 5 children to go to school to learn how to become their own boss and never fall into the trap of selling their time for money.

Still, going from working for corporations with a solid weekly paycheck, and bounding into the unknown void of entrepreneurship to becoming financially free from the confines of what I could achieve working 9 to 5, and helping hundreds of people grow their own business dreams didn't just happen 'overnight'.

That "bounding" was more like watching a dramatic suspense thriller with many failures, stalls and hard choices. I felt like a failure plenty of times and in my quiet moments - wasn't sure I would make it and find my seat at the table.

For me, it was well worth it...

Take a look for yourself and you tell me.

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Just released! Your dream life journal


The Dream Life Journal

For Manifesting the Life You Want

Do you ever feel like…

  • Your source of internal energy is running dangerously low?
  • You’re daydreaming your life away with fantasies of… more–but maybe you aren’t quite sure what that is?
  • Your family is simply existing in the same household, but you don’t feel connected?
  • Your household is a never-ending spew of stuff to do?
  • You forget birthdays, you don’t text back, or you’re stuck in a “we should make plans soon!” circle of friendship hell.
  • You’re struggling to connect with your partner or your relationship isn’t where you think it should be?

  • You’ve lost control over your body or you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin?
    It feels like forever since you went on an adventure or did something fresh and exciting.
  • Your job or business is feeling lacklustre or repetitive, boring or burning you out?
    There’s never enough money to do all the things you want to do (or buy all the things you want to buy).
  • Your dream life feels like way more of a dream than a reality.

Then this journal is for you!

Before we dive into Your Dream Live Journal, let’s talk. What is a “Dream Life” anyway? Maybe for you, it means having a housekeeper who keeps the dishes in your sink sparkling clean (and your laundry perfectly folded).


Maybe it means having enough time for your varied creative pursuits as well as building a booming business. Or maybe its means a swanky house, flashy car and/or exotic family vacations every summer (or every few weeks!).

The truth? It could be all of these things, or something else entirely. Everybody’s dream life is different, which is exactly why it’s so important to take some time to regularly reflect on what it is we truly want (and not what society tells us we should want, or our best friends or biz besties want, or what our parents or partner desperately wish we wanted).

There’s truly only one big difference between people who are living their dream lives and those who continue to only daydream about a better future.

That difference? Clarity. And that’s exactly what this journal was designed to help you achieve.

This is your space to dream big without inhibition.

One thing I know is that if you don’t gain clarity on your dream life, you’ll never turn it into reality.

Even small, incremental steps can make a huge difference over time.

If you’re ready to cut through confusion & finally figure out what you truly desire, then let’s put your dream life on paper.

These eye-opening prompts are designed to help you really understand what you want out of life, in every area from relationships to careers to fitness.

You'll receive 91 pages of life-transforming questions designed specifically to help you realise your dreams and true passions.

Order your copy today for just $25


You Are Looking For Now What I Was Looking For Then...

Begin Living Your Life On Your Terms.

Starting a business is hard. Maintaining and growing a business is harder.

Take it from a girl who wanted it to be true... then lived it.

Whether you’re thinking about jumping into the entrepreneurial world, you’re just beginning your journey, or you’re up to your ears in all things entrepreneur.

I’m here to help you pave the way toward your visions and goals.

I know the next logical steps for your business to take. No matter what stage you are at, you can and you will succeed. All you need is a little help.

If you are ready to learn the steps, strategies, and shortcuts that will help you start or grow your profitable online business, I’m eager to help you get there.

What my clients say


Working with Amy-Lee as a business and marketing coach and consultant has been an incredible experience! She has a wealth of knowledge in the industry, and she is always willing to share her insights. She is great at helping you to identify areas of improvement in your business and marketing strategy and then help you to implement them. She is patient and understanding, and her enthusiasm and creativity make her a great coach and consultant.

Sophia L.


Amy-Lee is an incredible business and marketing coach and consultant. She is always willing to take the time to answer any questions I have and she has helped me to develop an effective and comprehensive business and marketing plan.

She has a deep understanding of the industry and she is very creative when it comes to developing strategies.

I highly recommend taking her courses!

Nicole H.


Amy-Lee is an excellent business and marketing coach and consultant. She is passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals and has a great understanding of the industry. She is always available to answer questions, and her creative and innovative strategies have been invaluable in helping me reach my goals. I highly recommend her courses!

Holly B.